Don’t let one bad water shooter shoot down your business!

Don’t let one bad water shooter shoot down your business!

Water shooter is famous in these years, many toys importers purchase them from China. Mostly they judge a water shooter good or not is base on the price and the design, but not check the quality deeply inside. It lead to the bad quality water shooter sold to their customers. The worse is that the easily broken water shooter could hurt the player easily just like a knife weapon!

Check attach picture you could see why it hurts. The most important part in the pipe, normal pipe is thin and easily broke into parts just like broken glass, the pipe is exploded suddenly and the pieces cuts people. Besides that there are still some dangerous parts need to take care when production.

After that let’s do some calculation. If you buy 100 pieces water shooters from bad quality supplier, and 10 of them broken. Let’s assume each water shooter 1 dollar, which means you pay 100 dollars to get only 90 pieces water shooters, and most important thing is that you never know which one is the bad quality one, only the customer who buy it knows. This situation really brings you bad influence on your business.

If you buy water shooters from our factory, we could ensure you that this situation would never happen, just check some samples and compare with others then you know why you should order from us.

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